MCPF GENERAL MEETINGSunday 13th February 2022

Midland Counties Photographic Federation
General Secretary:
Christine Lovatt, 26, Dane Grove, Cheadle, Stoke on Trent Staffordshire ST10 1QS
Tel: 01538 754060 Email:
February 2022
Sunday 13th February 2022
Dear Member,
The General Meeting of the Midland Counties Photographic Federation will
take place on Sunday 13th February 2022
This meeting will take place via a Zoom link and will commence at 10.30am
You will need to register your intention to attend this meeting by
THURSDAY 10TH FEBRUARY 2022 as only confirmed attendees will be
allowed to join, this is due to security reasons.
The link for the meeting will be sent out to you after this date.
Please confirm your attendance to
In order to save time at the meeting, it would be helpful if apologies and
amendments could be sent to the General Secretary in advance of the meeting.
Thank you
Christine Lovatt
General Secretary
Midland Counties
Photographic Federation
General Meeting
The meeting will commence at 10.30AM
Venue: Via a ZOOM Link
Chair: President: Graham Walton DPAGB

  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes from the last meeting held on 18th September 2021
    2a. Amendments
  3. Matters arising
  4. Administration Reports
    4a. General Secretary
    4b. Treasurer
    4c. Database Report
    4d. Despatch Secretary
    4e. Records Secretary
  5. Judges and Lecturers Secretaries
  6. Exhibitions and Competitions Reports
    6a. Midphot AV Championships
    6b. Midphot
    6c. Midphot Panels
    6d. MCPF Print and PDI Championships
    6e. Photofolio
    6f. Midland Salon
    6g. PAGB Inter Fed Competition
  7. Travelling Exhibitions
    7a. MCPF Portfolio
    7b. PAGB Exhibitions
  8. Officers Reports
    8a PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit
    APM Adjudication @ Bromsgrove April 23rd/24th 2022
    8b. PAGB Executive Member
    8c. Seminar/Judges Seminar
    8d. Newsletter Editor
    8e. Webmaster
    8f. Archivist
  9. Any other Business
  10. Date of next meeting.
    General Secretary:
    Christine Lovatt, 26, Dane Grove, Cheadle, Stoke on Trent Staffordshire ST10 1QS
    Tel: 01538 754060 Email:
    Minutes of the General Meeting
    held on Saturday 18th September 2021 via a Zoom link
    The President, Graham Walton DPAGB took the chair and opened the meeting at
    From Council:
    Steve Clifford, Lu Duckett, Ralph Duckett, Alan Lovatt, Christine Lovatt, Christine Mallett,
    Judith Parry, Roger Parry, Alastair Taylor, Graham Walton.
    Delegates: A list of attendees is attached
  11. Apologies
    From Council: Roger Barker, Alison Fryer, Andy Fryer, Bob Hudson, Mike Sharples
    From Delegates:
    Robert Oakley Worcester Camera Club
    Dave and Angie Tucker Cannock Photographic Society
    Wendy Outram Cheltenham Camera Club
    Richard Bryant Blythe Bridge Camera Club
    Anthony Burroughs Yardley Photographic Society
    David Eaves Leamington Spa PS
    Ian Bailey Cotswold Monochrome
    Peggy Franks Fosse CCC
    Brian Dicks Stafford Photographic Society
    Carolyn Whetton Burton upon Trent Photographic Society
  12. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Saturday 12th June 2021
    These had been circulated prior to the meeting.
    Proposed by: John Kellett. Seconded by a show of hands of all being in favour.
    2a. Amendments
  13. Matters Arising.
    The matter of Subscription rates will be verified at the PAGB Executive Meeting in October.
  14. Administration Reports
    4a. General Secretary Chris Lovatt
    Patronage Applications for exhibitions are now sent directly to the PAGB.
    Club Closure: Studley Camera Club have unfortunately decided they cannot continue as a
    club and have therefore formally disbanded, the ageing membership and then the pandemic
    was the final straw.
    4b. Treasurer Christine Mallett
    Income and Expenditure to 21st August 2021
    Income Expenditure
    Subscription £ 7,480.00
    Other £ 163.00 £ 5,800.57
    £ 8,003.00 £ 5 800.57
    Midphot £ 2, 632.00 £ 3,163.00
    Midphot AV £ 298.00 £ 371.00
    Photofolio/Portfolio £ 434.41 £ 829.47
    Print & Pdi Championships £ 0.00 £ 100.00
    Midland Salon £12,162.00 £ 7,158.90
    Total £23,529.41 £17,422.94
    Net Income (Shortfall) £ 6,106.47
    Bank Balances as of 21st August 2021
    Current Account £11,085.71
    Deposit Account £19,373.00
    Midland Salon Account £ 321.00
    Paypal Stirling Equivalent £ 157.80
    4c. Database Report Lu Duckett
    Nothing to report
    4d. Despatch Secretary Roger Parry
    It is important that any records should be kept up to date
    4e. Records Secretary Alison Fryer
    Nothing to report.
  15. Judges and Lecturers Secretaries Alison & Andy Fryer
    Nothing to report
  16. Exhibition and Competition Reports
    6a. Midphot AV Competition. Alastair Taylor
    The 2022 Midphot Audio Visual Competition was launched to member clubs in September.
    The judges will be Andrew Gagg FRPS from Worcester, Bryan Stubbs ARPS from Leeds
    and Jeff Mansell CPAGB/av. Blythe Bridge. A decision on the meeting being face to face or
    via Zoom will be taken in December.
    An introductory workshop for those new to Audio Visual will be held via Zoom on Saturday
    October 9th 2021 with the competition organiser Alastair Taylor ARPS, DPAGB/av.
    6b. Midphot Ralph & Lu Duckett
    Midphot 2022 is in process, hopefully the exhibition will be back to normal. Closing date for
    entries will be Saturday 12th February 2022, the exhibition will take place at the Old
    Schoolhouse in Oldbury on the dates of 23rd -27th March 2022.
    6c. Midphot Panels
    As reported in the Newsletter, this event was cancelled and will hopefully return next year.
    6d. MCPF Print and PDI Championships Alan & Chris Lovatt
    Alan and Christine Lovatt will be the point of contact for the Championships this year.
    The championships will be held at Braunstone on April 9th 2022. Information will go out in
    due course.
    6e. Photofolio Judith Parry
    Nothing to report.
    6f. Midland Salon Judith Parry
    The 2022 event would ideally like to get back to a Print exhibition as well as PDI’s, for this
    to happen, volunteers will be needed to help.
    6g. PAGB Inter Federation Competitions Graham Walton
    As is usual work will be pulled from various competitions to fulfil the MCPF Entry.
  17. Travelling Exhibitions
    7a. MCPF Portfolio Stephen Clifford
    The show has been sent out to 32 clubs who have booked and paid, with 5 clubs still to
    confirm payment. 3 clubs have shown an interest but have still to book the show. The
    newsletter article will remain in the hope more clubs will take the show.
    7b. PAGB Exhibitions Bob Hudson
    Nothing to report
  18. Officers Reports
    8a. PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit Alan Lovatt
    Adjudication @ Bromsgrove April 23rd/24th 2022
    The PAGB held a “closed” Adjudication for Prints at Smethwick on 26th and 27th June.
    The following people from this Federation were successful:
    Credit (CPAGB)
    Dr. Andrew Askey – Aldridge PS
    David Bray – Dunchurch PS
    Audrey Couchman BPE3 – Droitwich CC
    Robb Doyle BPE2 – Leicester Forest PS
    Robert Goode LRPS EFIAP/b BPE2 – Stourport CC
    David Myles – Smethwick PS
    Sandra Starke LRPS – Smethwick PS
    Trevor Swann – Smethwick PS
    John Simpson – Stafford CC
    Brian Wheatley – Rugeley and Armitage CC
    Distinction (DPAGB)
    Dave Airston LRPS CPAGB – Smethwick PS
    Mark Chambers ARPS AFIAP CPAGB BPE4 – Droitwich CC
    Carole Preston CPAGB – Arden PG
    Ketan Shah CPAGB BPE1 – Duston CC
    Master (MPAGB)
    Dr. Charles Ashton – Arden PG.
    The Officers and Council of the MCPF send their congratulations to all the successful
    The next Adjudication will take place at Newton Abbot on the weekend of 27th and 28th
    8b. PAGB Executive Member Judith Parry
    The PAGB interim Inter Club Print Championships will take place at the Old Schoolhouse
    (Smethwick PS) in Oldbury on Sunday October 24th 2021. The Masters of Print judging will
    take place on Saturday October 23rd, with the exhibition being held at St Martins in the
    Bullring in Birmingham, a grand opening and prize giving will be held on Saturday 4th
    8c. Judges Seminar – October 2021 Alison & Andy Fryer
    This was due to be held in October, but will be held back as this is an inter active event.
    8d. Newsletter Editor Roger Barker
    May I thank the clubs who have sent information to the newsletter
    and may I encourage more participants to advertise in the newsletter
    now that clubs are returning to face to face meetings and putting on more events
    It is your newsletter so please contribute!
    8e. Webmaster Lu Duckett
    Nothing to report
    8f. Archivist David Moore
    Nothing to report
  19. Condolences.
    We remember at this meeting: Mike Chapman, a former President for the Federation, and a
    member of Solihull PS, Tony Wharton, Barbara Lawton who were both judges and lecturers
    and members of Smethwick PS and Roger Walding, competition Secretary and member of
    Ross on Wye PS, who have passed away in recent months. They have all given their time in
    inspiring others on their photographic journeys, condolences are sent to their families and
    friends, they will be missed by all who knew them.
  20. Any other business
    Offers of help: Thanks go to Dave and Angie Tucker who have come forward with an offer
    of help to the Federation.
    Lots of work goes on behind the scenes at Events and Exhibitions with more volunteers
    needed, please get in touch with a Council member if you think you could help.
    Clubs getting back together
    Delegates at this meeting discussed how clubs were going to run their camera club season, it was a mixture of staying with the Zoom platform and a few clubs meeting face to face.
    Judges and Lecturers costs were once again discussed, charges should be agreed at the time of booking your presenter.
  21. Date of next meeting
    Saturday 12th February 2022.
    The meeting closed at 14.40p

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