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Midland Counties Photographic Federation
Photographic Alliance of Great Britain
Royal Photographic Society
British Photographic Exhibitions
Photographic Society of America
UPI Photo Collections
United Photographic Postfolios
Susan Brown
Trevor Cotton

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September 2012

Tip of the month.                                                                                                                      All digital images need some form of sharpening. This is because the digital input and output processes all contribute to the softening of an image.

Site of the month.                                                                                                     An excellent inspirational site with photographs of a wide variety of subjects, including City scapes; Outdoor; Portrait and Wedding photos.

July 4th 2012

Tip of the week.
Balanced fill-flash is a wonderful technique that can add life to otherwise ordinary pictures, or even rescue images that previously might have not been useable.

Sites of the week.

Canon Learning Centre.

June 6th 2012

Tip of the week

Improve your Photographs.

1. Half press the shutter button, allow the camera to focus, press the rest of the way. DO NOT jam hard.

2. Take more pictures.

3. Take your camera off Auto. Read the manual and be in control.

4. Watch your composition.

5. Change your position.

Site of the week.

A calculator to show you where and when the Sun and Moon rise and set. You are able to set your position. You have to pay for the app for your smart phone but the desktop program is free

April 25th 2012

Tip of the week

When you have changed any settings on your camera remember to change back to your default settings

Site of the week.

Photographs fro far away places

March 23rd 2012

Tip of the week
To enhance the colours of your sunset further take your camera off auto white-balance mode and use the shade or cloud setting to give the sunset colours a bit of a boost.

Site of the week

A site where you have to register. Information on equipment, forums, and lessons on various themes. The Photo Month pages are particularly useful.

March 14th 2012

No tips or site

March 7th 2012

Tip of the week

Learn how light interacts with your camera and how to control light with your camera. You’ll hear a lot about photography lighting. What to do, what not to do, tricks for lighting, types of lighting, and the latest gadgets. But all of that won’t do you any good if you don’t understand light.

Site of the week

February 29th 2012

Tip of the week

When you spot an excellent photograph, don’t mutter because you haven’t got your camera handy or can’t stop the car. Be pleased that you spotted the image, most people wouldn’t even have noticed it.

Site of the week

Photo links, tips and techniques.

February 22nd 2012

Tip of the week

Use your feet as well as your zoom. The chances of your first picture being your best are slim. Work a photographic session whenever you can.

Site of the week

February 8th 2012

Tip of the week

Don’t forget there are many advantages to photographing in cold weather. During the winter the sun remains low in the sky, which provides a more favourable angle of light. It also hovers closer to the horizon at sunrise and sunset, extending the time in which you can shoot with warmer light. Finally there are no bugs to eat you alive at dusk.

Site of the week      Mixture of gear, how to tips.

February 1st  2012

Tip of the week

We all take colour photographs but don’t forget that some will look better if properly converted to Black and White.

Site of the week

January 25th 2012

No tips or site

January 18th

Tip of the week

Take more time taking your photographs.

Look at the light, the highlights and the shadows. Look at the details that perhaps you might not have noticed if you had rushed through the setting up. Move around to look at different angles. What will you shoot? What perspective will you shoot from? How will you compose the shot? How will you convey the emotion of what you are feeling?

Then shoot.

Site of the week

January 11th 2012

No tips or site.

December 14th 2011

Christmas Lunch

December 7th 2011

No tips or site

November 30th 2011

Tip of the week

The subject of today’s meeting is Wildlife Photography. Some of us can practice on our own pets. It is important to try to capture the personality of the animal, it often helps to get a more unusual picture if you get down to their level or even shoot upwards. Cameras with a tilt angle LCD can use it to help.

Site of the week

November 23rd 2011

Tip of the week

No man has the right to dictate what other men should perceive – Ansell Adams

Site of the week

November 16th 2011

Tip of the week

Learn the photographic rules but don’t be afraid to break them. That way you can produce unusual photographs

Site of the week

November 9th 2011

Nothing presented.

November 2nd 2011

Tip of the week

Remember to turn your camera. Try both Portrait and Landscape when shooting scenes. Remember when projecting images that Landscape projects a larger image.

Site of the week

October 26th 2011

Tip of the week

Light illuminates, shadows define. Don’t be afraid to include shadows.

Site of the week

October 19th 2011

Tip of the week

Photography is all about subjects and light. Use light creatively

Site of the week     A photographic community

October 12th 2011

Tip of the week

Try to keep verticals vertical and horizontals horizontal eg water must be level. When you have both in the picture go for the one which is most obvious.

Site of the week     a harrogate landscape photographer.

October 5th 2011

Tip of the week

Make maximum use of depth of field when taking landscapes. Set your aperture to 2 stops from minimum ie f11 or f16. Focus 1/3 of the way into the picture.

Site of the week  A site to help you work out Depth of field and using Hyperfocal focusing.

September 28th 2011

Outside visit

September 21st 2011

Tip of the week

It’s the photographer who decides on the picture not the camera. The next purchase is not going to make you a brilliant photographer.

Site of the week    A good source of equipment.

September 14th 2011

Tip of the week

When taking portraits outside use reflectors and defusers to modify light.

Site of the week (Is no longer being updated, but there could still be some useful material there).

Other recomended sites


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