Our clubs future.

To all members of Compton G Camera Club.

Dear members, I hope you are all keeping safe and well in these troubled times. Initially, we notified you all, saying that we would suspend our weekly meetings until after the Easter Holidays.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances not improving, the committee and I have decided to not restart meetings until September.

Currently, we are still listening to statistics, to figures on those who have Covid19, how many have died, and how many may die. We have also been given a course of action to take, to stay at home, to protect one another to protect the NHS. This can be all very depressing and a challenge and we will get frustrated, and at times, fed up, but we must stay the course.

However, we can stay in touch through our Facebook group and I have started phoning individual members to ask if they are OK.

I have also looked into using a program called Zoom, whereby a group of people can engage in a joint discussion online and can also see each other. I have used this three times, and have found it to be very successful, (2 quizzes with friends and a mentoring session with Krisztina from Olympus Cameras). I would appreciate your opinions on this, as we could set it up quite quickly.

Best wishes and take good care of yourselves.

Jon George

Message to our club.

Dear Club & Society Secretaries,
I trust you are all keeping safe and well.
I know that following the Government’s announcement last week all clubs and societies have suspended their meeting, however, I wish to keep you updated with various events and activities organised by the MCPF Council
1) The Print & PDI Championships, has been cancelled, however, Ian Bailey is currently looking at alternatives for selecting the Clubs to represent the MCPF. Currently the PAGB are still progressing with the event at Warwick in July.
2) The Council meeting scheduled for Saturday 16th May has been cancelled.
3) The AGM scheduled for Saturday 13th June will be deferred until Saturday 19th September, subject to movement restriction being lifted by the Government, this will be take place in lieu of the General Meeting.
As this AGM falls in the mid-term of my Presidency and appointment of all other Officers, there is no election requiring a vote from Delegates.
4) Photofolio Exhibition is cancelled for this year. The travelling Portfolio that is drawn from the exhibition will now come from Midphot, Lu Duckett is currently developing this should be available from the start of the new season in September.
5) Midland Salon Exhibition will be run as a digital only exhibition for this year. For those that enter this exhibition please refer to the Exhibition web site.
Wishing you all the best.
Kind Regards,
Andy Fryer
MCPF President

Club Meetings

Because of current conditions, the committee has decided that the club meetings at the Institute will be suspended until after the Easter break. This will include any planned workshops. The decision has been taken with great regret but we must give the health and safety of our members top priority. It would appear that if we follow the latest advice even outdoor meetings are not advisable.

I have edited the workshop photo page and added further pictures.

In the meantime, with all this spare time, perhaps members could send me some pictures for the Title pictures, Workshop page and the Gallery folders.

Follow us on Facebook, see if we can get more Facebook members.

From MidPhot.

Dear entrant(s) and Club Secretaries,

It has been decided that due to the current situation and the latest advice given by the Government today, MidPhot 2020 is CANCELLED.

We would appreciate if you can circulate this message to as many members and club contacts as possible.

Thank you for your support and hope that you and yours keep safe and well.


Lu and Ralph Duckett
MidPhot Chair


The Friday night workshop from Friday 13th has been put back by a week. It will take place on Friday 20th March at the Institute.

Hi Everyone
In case you have not heard the Photography Show due to take place from next Saturday at the NEC has been postponed until September due to the Coronavirus situation.
At this point in time Midphot is still going ahead next week at Smethwick PS. Should the government advice change please keep a lookout for further e-mails.

Roger Parry
MCPF Despatch Secretary

Program Change 1/2/2020

We have had to change our program for 2020.

  1.    February 19th is now the MCPF Portfolio.
  2.    Ned Williams has moved to March 25th.
  3.    The Workshop on February 14th has been moved until the 21st.

To try to keep up with the times, we have created a closed Facebook group for Compton G. To be able to post or comment to this group you have to apply and be accepted. We hope that members will join and post their pictures.

A few suggestions.
1. Don’t post large numbers of pictures at a time. Instead of a large block of pictures, which most people would give up after a few. Post a couple every few days or even once a week.
2. Add your name, when and where the picture was taken.
3. If your able to do add the exif data. Camera, lens length, speed, and aperture.

A request for photographs.

You may have noticed that the site has a new page “Workshop Pictures” the idea for this page is to showcase photographs taken at any of our workshops.  I also need to refresh our gallery of member’s photos. We are getting short of “Title” images, I want to change this image every month during our season. These images need to be in letter-box format (1000 x 300). I am able to crop images but some images, if they’re not that size would be very difficult to fit.

All other images can be any size but I might have to reduce them in size so they load quickly on our site. If members would email me photos taken at any of our workshops. I would be very grateful.

John Pierce


Practical Workshops

The following workshops have been booked at the Institute, all workshops are on a Friday night between 7.30 and 9.30. Further detail will follow as to subjects etc.

Friday 6th December Cancelled

There will be another evening to be announced photographing sparklers. Wear dark and warm clothing. Don’t forget to bring old gloves.


Friday 17th January

Friday 14th February

Friday 13th March