Pictures needed.

Could I please remind you that we need prints for future events.

  1. Mike needs 2 prints from each member so he can mark them ready for the print critique on the 21st March.
  2. Jon needs mounted prints for the next Central Library display.

I might as well remind you that our next practical session is on the 16th. I am sure that Jon will inform us on Wednesday as to the ideas he has for that session.


Practical sessions

We are into our sessions for 2018 and our first practical session begins at 7.30 on Friday  evening. The subject of this first session will be light painting.

Future dates:

January 19th Light painting

February 16th T.B.A.

March 16th T.B.A.

April 23rd T.B.A.

Exhibitions have been arranged at the Central Library

March 19th – 31st   General photos

June 4th – 16th The Black Country Museum

July 30th – August 11th T.B.A.

Christmas 2017




Hello, my name is Jon George, as this year’s chairman, may I take this opportunity of welcoming you to the website of Compton G Camera Club. Thank you for visiting. I hope you find it informative and of interest whether you are a relative newcomer to photography, or an experienced enthusiast.

We are a friendly, non competitive club and, unusually, meet during the daytime, on a Wednesday morning between 10 and 12 , September to May, at Tettenhall Wood institute. Our members have varied photographic interests and are always willing to offer help and constructive criticism to anyone who requires it. We have a varied and interesting program with both visiting and “home grown” speakers, and also practical sessions and outside visits to places of photographic opportunity.

I hope the website encourages you to join us, and look forward to meeting and talking with you in the future.

Thanks for your time.

Jon George (Chairman)

Practical work

Sorry I have been without a phone line for too long. Hopefully I am back on line.

On Friday at 7.30 in our normal room we will have our first Friday night practical session. Jon will be there early if you want to set up. Bring with you your camera, any lights you have and something to photograph.

Further practical sessions will take place in November and December. The 2018 sessions will be planned later this year or early next.

2017/2018 SEASON.

It is with great sadness that I have to inform members that Ray Smith died over the summer break. Mike Maddock will represent the club as the memorial service clashes with our first meeting.


A message from Jon George, chairman for the 2017/2018 season.

Hi everyone, welcome to our website and to Compton G Camera Club’s new season.  If you are a new visitor to our website and are interested in joining us I would like to extend a warm welcome. We are a friendly, non competitive club and have many members able to offer and share knowledge with anyone who is new to photography and wishes to learn and find out more.

Although we are noncompetitive, we strongly believe in offering constructive criticism and advice on how to improve an image, which is of use to anyone who is wishes to learn more about photography.

We have an interesting and varied programme in place for the upcoming season. This comprises visiting speakers, presentations by our own members and themed projects, where the members are given a brief to produce images for eventual display to the whole club. We have also displayed photographs at various locations in the Wolverhampton area including three in the Central Library.

This year we have also introduced practical sessions, usually once a month on Friday evenings, where opportunities are provided for you to use and learn more about your camera and methods of lighting etc.

I hope this message whets your appetite if you are thinking of developing an interest in photography, so why not pay us a visit, and have a chat over a coffee, when our new season starts in September.

Our new season starts on September 6th at 10am.

Summer programme + your computer.

I do hope that everyone is well and taking excellent photos

I have been off line for sometime to ensure that I could not be responsible for sending you a virus. Nothing is certain, “except death and taxes” but I have done everything I can to make certain my machine is squeeky clean. To make this possible I backed up all my photos to three hard drives. One of these drives is kept in a different location and is not connected to the internet. I have a cloud service which has all my photos. I scanned my computer with Microsofts own anti virus program (OK but not the best). I scanned with Kaspersky Total Security which was rated the best by Which and with Malwarebytes which is a free program which checks areas that even Kaspersky does not reach. I have also forced my computer to upgrade to “The Windows 10 Creators Update” so every possible avenue has been covered, I hope.

Being as this is a major upgrade I also recreated my Recovery Drive. If you don’t know about the recovery drive it is a more than 4GB flash drive which can help you troubleshoot and fix problems with your PC even if it won’t start. If you have not made one it is a very good idea. If you want to make one and don’t know how to, then give me a ring and I will try to talk you through it.

I do hope that the last few weeks has been a wakeup call for many people, it would be a terrible thing to loose all my photos, all those memories going back to the beginning of the last century. Food for thought?

First Summer Meeting tomorrow at the Institute

A message from Jon.

Hi John, I did say to bring a camera and a macro lens if people had one and mentioned things round and about the buildings such as the flower beds etc. Tripod or beanbag or gorilla pod may also be useful.

Express and Star article should be in tomorrow’s edition. They are also coming up to copy photo some of the exhibits for a future feature. Should be at 3pm if anyone is interested.