Club Information

Club email address:-


President – Geoff Vaughan  Tel: 01902 757686

Chairman – Jonathan George   Tel: 07791 051453

Vice-Chairman – Ken Bloor Tel: 01902 844249

Treasurer – Gez Scrivens Tel: 07989754395

Secretary – Paul Fieldhouse   Tel:  01902 896146

Programme – 

Website – John Pierce   Tel: 01902 332936

We are a member of the “Midland Counties Photographic Federation” (MCPF)

You can sign up for their newsletter on their website. The current newsletter can be found at


5 thoughts on “Club Information

  1. I am interested in your club. Unfortunately in may be several months before I could attend a meeting as I am due to go back into New Cross for the third time and then over to the QE Birmingham sometime in the future so it will be the new year before I could come. I know this is a long time off but I thought I would contact you to show that I am interested. Can you please advise how many members you have. Due to going into hospital I had to leave a camera club. I was a member of the committee as club treasurer a position I enjoyed. The club was very small in numbers and you have nearly the same numbers on your committee as there club members so as you can see very small. The programme had not change much over years I was a member and I was being to find it not meeting my needs. I don’t intend to name the club but they were intending to enter into a subject of photography that I could not accept and I did tell the chairman should this happen I would leave.

    • Hope things are going well for you. Our programme starts on the 9th of September. When you fell well enough to attend then drop me a line. Although we meet on the first floor we do have a lift, this might be of help for you. Hope to see you soon.

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