Library displays.

A message from Gerry Kirby. The display of our images is at the Finchfield Library at the moment. It will be there for the next week at least. The display will then go to the Penn Library the week after, followed by Codsall and Wombourne. It is hoped that we will be able to display at other libries and at the Central Library when the construction work is completed.

Gerry put a a considerable amount of work collating and displaying our pictures, he tries to use a totally new set of prints for each display. This is a great opportunity for us to present our club and ourselves into the view of our community. We always have very positive comments from the Librarians and library members. To enable Gerry to present the excellent display he insists on, he does need plenty of prints to choose from. Please he does need more prints, these prints need to be mounted (do ask if this is a problem for you) with information on the back. Size does not matter too much but A4 on the longest edge would be ideal.

Information needed.

  • Name
  • Where taken
  • When
  • Camera etc
  • Also a quick note why you took it, what caught your eye etc

Being as this Wednesday is one of our Members prints and projected images mornings it would be an ideal time to bring in some prints for Gerry.


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