Reminder to enter the L&LPS Exhibition 2023

to be held on Friday 12th May and Saturday 13th May 2023..
Leicester & Leicestershire Photographic Society’s Annual Photographic Exhibition 2023
to be held Friday 12th May to Saturday 13th May 2023.
We welcome entries to the Exhibition from club members and independent photographers.

This is a first and last reminder that entries close on Saturday 1st April 2023
Thank you to those who have already contacted us about entering.
Let me also remind you that this is a good opportunity to exhibit your images and that there are categories for open entries: Colour, Mono, Nature, Sport, and Great Central Railway as both print and projected digital image.

Entry forms and conditions can be downloaded from the exhibition page of our website:
and a poster can be downloaded here:

If you are receiving this email on behalf of your club, I shall be very grateful if you would forward it to your members.
Trophies are awarded to category winners. In addition, winners of the Great Central Railway trophies get free family day tickets for the railway.

If you have not yet considered entering, please have a go this year. If you are already in the process of preparing entries, I apologize for bothering you! We look forward to receiving your entries.
Please get in touch with me if you have any queries.

Best wishes

Jean Burbridge
Exhibition Secretary
Leicester & Leicestershire Photographic Society
Leicester & Leicestershire PS43, Cedar Road, Leicester  LE2 1FG

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