Speedway meeting change.

Change for our speedway meetings. Apparently, a TV firm does not want us there on Monday. I won’t say who it is but they are televising the meeting on the 2 May. We have been offered May 30th instead. We are still on for the 9th. Times will be confirmed but I think it will be meeting in the car park at 6.30.

Sorry about the computer problems this morning. It took nearly three hours but it seems to be ok now. Whatever the problem it cream crackered my memory stick and I had to deep format that as well.

Photo Opportunities.

Re: Vaikashi event

Hello Jon,

You can refer to me as Tony, thank you for emailing and confirming you can support us. The event is at The Bob Jones Community Centre and it is an indoor event taking place in a sports hall. There is lighting however you may need flash to get better quality of the pictures however you will be the better experts for this. I think we want some natural shots of the children, and community members enjoying the event and participating in the workshops. The event will consist of some performances by different youth groups and dance, drumming, arts and crafts and hopefully Kabbadi. The Wolverhampton mayor will be in attendance along with some local councillors. 

I am attaching the flyer with information for you to share with the group and really appreciate your support with this. 

Kind regards 


Jon has received a request for help in taking photos at this event. If you are interested then talk to Jon.


Monday 18th April

Wolverhampton Wolves v Belle Vue Aces at Monmore Green (League Cup)

We have permission for our normal access – pits and in the centre.

Meeting at the far end of the Car Park at 7pm. The meeting starts at 8pm.