MCPF General Meeting and Accounts

From: mcpf <>
Sent: 04 September 2021 10:03
To: <>
Subject: Notice of MCPF General Meeting

Hello Everyone
Please find attached the Notice of the MCPF September General Meeting and Annual statement of accounts.

The meeting will be held on ZOOM and if you wish to attend please ensure you register your intent to attend with the MCPF secretary. Full details are shown on the notice attached.

Best wishes
Roger Parry
Despatch Secretary



General Secretary:

Christine Lovatt, 26, Dane Grove, Cheadle, Stoke on Trent Staffordshire ST10 1QS

Tel: 01538 754060 Email:


You are invited to the MCPF General Meeting

To take place on

Saturday 18th September 2021

via a Zoom Link

The meeting will commence at 2.00pm

You will need to register your intention to attend by Wednesday 15th September 2021 as

only confirmed attendees will be allowed to join the meeting.

Please confirm your attendance to

In order to save time at the meeting, it would be helpful if apologies and amendments to the

minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on the 12th June 2021 could be sent to the

Secretary in advance of the meeting.

All club members are most welcome to attend, but only delegates have the power to vote.

Midland Counties Photographic Federation

General Secretary:

Christine Lovatt, 26 Dane Grove, Cheadle, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, ST101QS

Tel: 01538 754060 Email:

MCPF GENERAL MEETING Saturday 18th September 2021

Meeting will commence at 2.00PM

Venue: Via A Zoom Link

Chair: President: Graham Walton DPAGB



1. Apologies

2. Minutes of the AGM held on Saturday 12th June 2021

2a. Amendments

3. Matters Arising.

4. Administration Reports

4a. General Secretary

4b. Treasurer

4c. Database Report

4d. Despatch Secretary

4e. Records Secretary

5. Judges and Lecturers Secretaries

6. Exhibition and Competition Reports

6a. Midphot AV Championships

6b. Midphot

6c. Midphot Panels

6d. MCPF Print and PDI Championships

6e. Photofolio

6f. Midland Salon

6g. PAGB Inter Federation Competitions

7. Travelling Exhibitions

7a. MCPF Portfolio

7b. PAGB Exhibitions

8. Officers Reports

8a. PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit

 Adjudication @ Bromsgrove April 23rd/24th 2022

8b. PAGB Executive Member

8c. Judges Seminar – October 2021

8d. Newsletter Editor

8e. Webmaster

8f. Archivist

9. Offers of help

10. Any other business

11. Date of next meeting

Minutes of the 114th Annual General Meeting 2021

Held via a Zoom link

12th June 2021

The MCPF Annual General Meeting was officially opened by Andy Fryer at 2.05pm

Notices: None


The President presented the following awards:

MCPF Roll of Honour.

This award recognizes outstanding service to the Midland Counties Photographic Federation

and was awarded to Jon Baker, MFIAP EFIAP/p

Citation attached.

Hon. Vice President:


Proposed by MCPF Council Seconded by Derek Buckett (Desborough & Rothwell PS)

Citation attached.

Business Meeting began at 2.15pm

1. Apologies: From Council.

Ralph Duckett, Christine Mallett, David Moore.

Apologies: From Delegates:

Bob & Sue Moore Arden Photo Group, Richard Bryant Blythe Bridge CC Wendy Outram

Cheltenham Photographic Society,

Phil Chapman Hereford Photographic Society, Bernard Beech Leek Photographic Society,

Chris Whitford Leicester & Leicestershire Photographic Club, Darron Matthews Lichfield

Photographic Society, Brian Dicks Stafford Photographic Society, Anthony Burroughs

Yardley Photographic Society.

List of Attendees attached.

2, Minutes of the General Meeting held on Saturday 13th February 2021

These had been sent out prior to the meeting.

Proposed by: Dave Tucker (Cannock PS) Seconded by: Len Doughty (Wolverhampton PS)

3. Matters Arising


4. Adoption of the Presidents Review

Who would have thought 2 years ago when I took on the presidents’ role, nearly 16 months

would be under a national lock-down due to the Covid pandemic, where the normal life of

club meetings and gatherings for national and international competitions and exhibitions have

been banned.

However, life goes on. We have seen some clubs grasp this crisis and re-invent themselves to

become on-line successes. Continuing their weekly meetings and competitions with lectures

and judging being done remotely, ensuring their continued growth for when they are

eventually allowed to meet up again and be back in the physical “club room” rather than the

virtual one.

I would like to thank all members of Council for their continued hard work and dedication in

their various roles, however, I would especially like to thank several members of council for

ensuring our main events continued with great success, these being Alastair Taylor for

Midphot AV Championships, Lu and Ralph Duckett for Midphot Championships and finally

Judith and Roger Parry for hugely successful Midland Salon and Photofolio.

I would also like to express my sincere thanks to a long-standing member of Council who

will be standing down at this AGM due to personal reasons. Ian Bailey who has held the post

as Treasurer for a number of years, as well as being a past president of the Federation,

ensured our finances were always in good health and also gave a considerable contribution in

time and effort to ensure the Federation ran smoothly.

When I took on the role as President, I made a request to the delegates at the AGM to go back

to their clubs and members and ask for more help in running the Federation by joining us on

Council. I have continued to repeat this request at several of the General meetings. With over

110 clubs and nearly 4000 club members we have had not one volunteer come forward. That

is somewhat disappointing. Either the message isn’t getting back to the clubs and their

members or nobody is bothered about supporting the work we, the Council, are doing. As I

pointed out before, most of us on the Council are doing at least 2 or more roles. I sincerely

hope that when clubs are able to get back together again this message is put out and we can

hope more help is forth coming.

Finally, I would like to wish Graham Walton every success and good fortune in taking on the

position of President.

Proposed by: Andy Fryer Seconded by: Judith Parry (Smethwick PS)

5. Accounts

5a. Adoption of the Accounts to 31st December 2020

Accounts were circulated with the minutes of this meeting.

There were no questions.

Proposed by: Ian Bailey Seconded by: Alastair Taylor (Newport PS)

Accounts attached.

5b. To set the subscription for 2022

To formally propose to the AGM that the subscription rate for 2022 be £45.50 per club plus

£0.60 per member and a one-time rebate to all clubs of 22.5% off the overall subscription.

Proposed by: Council Seconded by Derek Buckett (Desborough & Rothwell)

6. Reports

6.1 Administration Reports

6.1a. General Secretary Chris Lovatt

Club Closure: Bedworth & Exhall Camera Club held an EGM on Tuesday 23rd March. The

club has struggled to recruit new members and lack of commitment by existing members, it

was decided to close the club. The members and committee decided to donate assets to a

local charity.

6.1b. Database Report Lucia Duckett

Nothing to report.

6.1c. Despatch Secretary Roger Parry

Clubs should try to keep information up to date.

6.2 Judges and Lecturers Secretary Report Alison & Andy Fryer

The 2nd draft of the Handbook has been sent to the editor. The PAGB continues to look at

making the Handbook electronic.

Judges Fees: Any costs to be incurred should be agreed between the Judge and the club at the

time of booking. This then becomes a contract between the club and the Judge. Please refer

to: The PAGB Handbook 2020/21, Page 107.

6.3 Exhibition & Competition Reports

6.3a Midphot AV Championship Alastair Taylor

This will be launched to the clubs in September.

Selecting the judges is underway. Currently Brian Stubbs ARPS from Leeds has said yes.

The local judge is likely to be Jeff Mansell from Blythe Bridge plus one other TBA

The competition will take place on the last Saturday of January, hopefully face to face but on[1]line if needed. This will be decided near the event.

A new prize has been given by Andrew Gagg. The Andrew N Gagg Award for AV

Excellence and this will be awarded to the one with most innovative sound and narration. The

award name has been kept open to allow for changing circumstances. Some work is ongoing

around the publicity materials for the AV Competition, At present there is a mixed message

around whether it is the AV “Championship” or the AV “Competition”. As part of the

launch, I am planning an on-line event to help point people in the right direction. This will be

recorded as a video and put up on VIMEO for others to revisit.

6.3b Midphot Ralph & Lucia Duckett

Entries were well up compared to previous years at over 5,000 plus 10 more entrants

compared to last year.

Triptychs proved to be popular.

Judging: we set up a practice run on Tues before the Judging weekend and because that went

so well, the Triptychs were judged that day. However, the Judging weekend proved to be

challenging because of problems getting onto the software and then problems with the

scoring which could not resolved quickly, so the decision was made to adjourn to the

following Fri and Sat. Joan Blease was unable to make these dates because of moving house,

so another judge was needed. After several phone calls and judges saying either they were

unavailable or could not do both days, we asked David Gibbins and Erica Oram to do Friday

and Saturday, respectively.

Judging went ok on both these days. All our judges have been sent tokens of our appreciation

and in Joan’s case a donation to a cancer charity.

A huge thank you to Chris Lovatt for taking on the Mono and Scapes show for us this year,

we think you would agree that it is excellent. Thanks to Phil who has fixed the exported

images to now show Clubs, this has saved hours of typing, though it is more problematic to

correct spelling errors etc.

Thank you to Alastair for suggesting Vimeo as the platform to present the shows. The shows

are still available on Vimeo.

Analytics at 9 am 10th June 2021

Mono and Scapes Part 1 415

Mono and Scapes Part 2 210

Colour and Nature Part 1 290

Colour and Nature Part 2 156

Triptychs 177

Awards 321

AV PhotoHarmony 98

AV Open 135

Finally, thank you to all the clubs and entrants who entered this year. Given the situation at

the time, it was going to be an unknown as to how many would enter, so it was a pleasant

surprise to get a bumper entry but more importantly, we saw work from clubs who had not

entered before. Thanks to our judges, Libby Smith, Mike Sharples, Joan Blease, David

Gibbins and Erica Oram, who chose an excellent exhibition. With nearly 80% of the entrants

gaining acceptance and 66 of 70 clubs represented in the exhibition. Our congratulations to

all those who gained acceptances and awards and again a huge thank you for your support.

6.3c Midphot Panels Ralph & Lucia Duckett

Awaiting Government Guidelines.

6.3d MCPF Print & Pdi Championship Ian Bailey

The event date is the 9th April 2022 and the venue is the Braunstone Civic Centre.

Clubs that were successful last time will be invited to take part.

6.3e Photofolio Judith Parry

Photofolio 2021 was run as a virtual exhibition this year, with judging taking place


Clubs were asked to submit 15 images in each or all of the three sections. Open Colour, Open

Monochrome and Nature. Judges were Martin Cooper, LRPS, Richard Spiers, DPAGB,

BPE2, APAGB and Leigh Woolford, DPAGB, EFIAP, FWPF. MCPF Medals and

Certificates of Merit will be sent out in due course. Thank you to Chris Lovatt who has

produced the AV for us this year.

6.3f PAGB Inter Federation Competition Graham Walton

The PAGB usually organise an Annual National Competition between the 15 Regional

Federations in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and England.

This Competition was not held during 2020 due to the Pandemic situation. However, for 2021

the PAGB decided to run a 2 section PDI only competition, for Open General and Nature.

Each section to have 30 images and all points to count.

The MCPF decided to run their own selection process from mainly the successful images in

the Midphot Competition. If an image had been used before in the Inter-Fed, or something

very similar, then it could not be used. The result of our selection process, ended up with 30

Open General and 30 Nature PDIs, of a very high standard.

Judging for the Competition was held on 12 June 2021, using 3 PAGB Approved Judges. The

Photographic Community had been invited to attend the judging, via the Zoom platform on

their computers. On the day 163 people connected on Zoom. With the very best of UK

Photographs from around the Regions being shown in the Competition, it was a great day for

UK Photography.

I am pleased to report that the result of the days judging gave the MCPF the winning position

in both the Open General and Nature Sections.

Our MCPF photographers also featured well in the individual awards, as follows:-

General Open

Paul Hassell – Arden Photo Group – A Placed Called Home – Silver Medal

David Lowe – Smethwick PS – Hearing Voices – PAGB Ribbon

Mike Sharples – Smethwick PS – Indian Car Mechanic – PAGB Ribbon

Warren Alani – Smethwick PS – Pursuing – PAGB Ribbon

Peter Siviter – Smethwick PS – Drink is my Refuge – PAGB Ribbon

Tom Jones – Wrekin Arts PC – Hannah Powell Lift – PAGB Ribbon

Sue Moore – Arden Photo Group – Pensive Schoolboy – PAGB Ribbon

Warren Alani – Smethwick PS – Remembering Che – PAGB Ribbon

Nature Section

Mike Lane – Arden Photo Group – Dalmation Pelicans Fishing – PAGB Ribbon

Mike Lane – Arden Photo Group – Mountain Hare – PAGB Ribbon

Duncan Armour – Ludlow PC – Hamerkop and Frog – PAGB Ribbon

Thank you to all our photographers who support the MCPF. With your photos we competed

and won at the highest level, in a National Event.

6.3g Midland Salon Judith Parry

The Midland Salon will again be a Projected Image Exhibition this year due to ongoing

Covid restrictions. Patronage has been awarded by PSA, FIAP, GPU and the PAGB. There

will be 5 sections with a total of 150 Awards covering all of the sections. Closing date for

entries is 26th June 2021 with judging 3rd to 5th July 2021. It is expected that judging is likely

to take place remotely.


Karen Berry, FRPS, EFIAP

Paul Stanley, EFIAP/g, FIPF ESFIAP

Peter Gennard, MFIAP, EFIAP/p

Jenny Hibbert, MPAGB, EFIAP, AWPF

Dave Coates, EFIAP/g, MPAGB, ARPS

Peter Young, AFIAP, CPAGB

6.4 Travelling Exhibitions

6.4a MCPF Portfolio Steve Clifford

Clubs have been responding and booking the Portfolio for next Season. As its purely a digital

evening there is total flexibility on dates, and this has gone down well.

So far I have received 23 bookings.

Several clubs have requested receipts as bacs payments have been made from personal bank

accounts and they want proof so can re-claim from their clubs. I discussed this with Ian and

he is happy to send a receipt out.

For cheque payments a receipt document will be sent back to the club once cheque received.

The advert will continue to run in the Newsletter and will now add a list of clubs who have

booked. This may act as an incentive to other clubs.

I have informed clubs the show will be sent out from late August onwards.

6.4b PAGB Exhibitions Bob Hudson

These are available on the PAGB Website

6.5 Officers Reports

6.5a PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit (APM) Alan Lovatt

February 2021 saw the AV Adjudication and Alastair Taylor was successful in gaining his


May 2021, a closed Adjudication took place with no success from MCPF applicants.

Subject to Covid restrictions there will be a closed adjudication for prints held at Smethwick

PS on the weekend of June26/27th 2021.

6.5b PAGB Executive Member Judith Parry


Roger Parry Elected President

Howard Tate Elected FIAP Liaison Officer

PAGB Proposed Subscription Rate for 2022

Peter Young explained that the budgets had been prepared, expecting everything to go back

to normal, as per 2019 costs, and this is what had generated the proposed rate of £32.00.

He then went on to add, that due to the expected surplus in 2020/21, he would be proposing a

discount against the proposed rate. This discount would be determined in October 2021.It

was proposed by the President that the subscription rate for 2022 would be £32.00. It was

also proposed that a discount (to be determined) would be applied in October 2021.

Delegates voted by majority to accept both the Treasurer and President’s proposals

EC Meeting

Judith Parry Elected Inter Federation Competition Sub Committee Chairman

Jane Lines Elected Inter Club Pdi Championship Sub Committee Chairman


Following the EC’s concern, Darwin Clayton Insurance:

Trustee Liability

went back to Royal Sun Alliance, but RSA wouldn’t move on the proposed premiums. Julie

Cripwell from DC subsequently

approached other insurers, one being AXA, who have now provided us with better cover and

smaller excesses for a lesser premium. Peter Young, on behalf of the PAGB has accepted the

new proposal from AXA via DC.

All insurers now use a ‘statement of fact’ as part of the policy documentation,

which has a lot of assumed facts. This means that, for example, if any member of a

committee was a bankrupt, cover would not be valid unless the insurers were pre-informed.

Richard Spiers commented that AXA have provided a five-year limitation on this particular

‘bankruptcy’ statement. Richard also went onto add that he had also discussed a definition of’

committee member’ and it should only include key officer roles.

Standards and Governance

Mark Buckley-Sharp thanked Federations who had updated their club records on the CES. It

was recommended that we start a new project to investigate the feasibility of getting

Federations to authorise club data via the use of a dedicated Data Manager for each

Federation. Libby Smith supported this idea as it would assist in the APM process.

It was voted to proceed with this project by the EC unanimously.

Inter-Federation Competition

There has been an interim Pdi only Competition this year organised by Adrian & Jane Lines

results of which have been announced by Graham Walton. Judith will take over the

organising of the 2022 Inter Federation Competition.

Inter Club PDI Championship

This will take place via Zoom on the 17th of July. The entry size will be the same as previous

years, but clubs will need to pre-pick both rounds one and two. The plate competition is not

run this year. Online entry opened on 6th of June and closes on the 27th June for the

nominated clubs.

Tickets to watch the event will be free but spectators need to pre-register. Via the PAGB


Inter Club Print Championship

It is the intention to run a single round competition this year. Smethwick has been

offered as a venue. Jane asked whether it would be mounted or unmounted prints. David

Smith replied, it would be mounted prints.

Masters of Print

Two events are running this year. The 2020 event and the 2021 event, only a catalogue would

be produced for the 2020 event and that there would be no physical exhibition. Every club

and entrant can get a FREE catalogue and these are available by request via the PAGB

website CSE. The cost would be covered by a new sponsor.

The PAGB is hopeful for a real exhibition for the 2021 event and entry would be opened

immediately after the 2020 event has closed.


Dave Coates asked for approval for a reduction of £10 for applications fees as is currently

being provided by FIAP. Dave gave a small presentation on the FIAP distinctions history.

Howard Tate has now taken over the role of FIAP Liaison Officer and he gave thanks to

Dave for his services to the PAGB.

6.5c Seminar/Judges Organiser

Awaiting Government Guidelines on Covid.

6.5d Newsletter Editor Roger Barker

I hope you have all enjoyed and found helpful, our Newsletter, as an Information Source

from the Federation to the Clubs and your Members.

It has been a difficult for us all, and no one could foresee that this would be for such a long

period of time. With Clubs not meeting in person, the number of insertions for the Newsletter

has reduced over many months.

Thanks go to members of Council and Clubs, who have supported the Newsletter during this

time. We are now beginning to see more Clubs returning to advertise with us.

Lockdown articles with pictures have now become a theme for photography, and hopefully

some Clubs will forward these to the Newsletter.

We are all hoping for a summer restart, and hope that the end of lockdowns is now in sight.

At least now we have a light at the end of the tunnel, with vaccinations making considerable


It was good to see that many Clubs have embraced the Digital Platform for their meetings,

which has been a great way to keep everyone active.

Can I ask Clubs to advertise their Digital Events through the Newsletter.

I look forward to many more Contributions, with the help and participation of member Clubs,

Federations, PAGB, RPS, and fellow photographers.

6.5e Webmaster Lucia Duckett

Nothing to report

6.5f Archivist David Moore

Nothing to report


7.1 Election of President: Graham Walton DPAGB

Proposed by Council Seconded by Steve Johnson (Aston & Erdington PS)

Graham Walton as the incoming President now took over the proceedings.

7.2 Election of Vice President: Mike Sharples MFIAP MPAGB FBPE ARPS

Proposed by Council Seconded by Dave Tucker (Cannock PS)

7.3 Election of Secretaries and Officers

General Secretary: Christine Lovatt

Treasurer: Christine Mallett CPAGB AFIAP

Despatch Secretary: Roger Parry MPAGB ARPS Hon PAGB EFIAP

Judges & Lecturers Secretaries: Alison Fryer DPAGB EFIAP/g BPE5

 Andy Fryer DPAGB EFIAP/g BPE5

Midphot Joint Chair: Ralph Duckett MPAGB APAGB EFIAP

Lucia Duckett APAGB

MCPF AV Championship Organiser: Alastair Taylor DPAGB/av ARPS

Photofolio Chairman: Judith Parry AFIAP DPAGB Hon PAGB

Midland Salon Chairman: Judith Parry AFIAP DPAGB Hon PAGB

MCPF Club Championship Organiser TBA

PAGB Print & Pdi Competition: Graham Walton DPAGB

PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit: Alan Lovatt.

Proposed by Council Seconded by all delegates

7.4 Election of Members with Council Appointment

Steve Clifford AFIAP CPAGB BPE3 Travelling Portfolio

Bob Hudson PAGB Travelling Exhibitions

Roger Barker LRPS Newsletter Editor

Dr. David Moore EFIAP MPAGB BPE5 MCPF Archivist/Historian

Mike Sharples MFIAP MPAGB FBPE ARPS EFIAP General Seminar Organiser

Proposed by Council: Seconded by all delegates.

Other Council Appointments. (information only)

Judith Parry PAGB Executive Member

Lucia Duckett Webmaster

Alison Fryer Records Secretary

Proposed by Council. Seconded by all delegates

7.5 Election of Ordinary Members of Council:

There were no members for election.

8. Vote of thanks to Hon Auditor

Ian Bailey gave a vote of thanks to Cliff Armstrong for the independent examination of the


9. Appointment of Hon Auditor

No Auditor appointed.

10. Vote of thanks to Officers and Members of Council Derek Buckett

It is quite obvious that even though we are living in the strangest of times, the work of the

MCPF Council Officers and members continues, sincere thanks were given to Council by

Derek Buckett. (Desborough & Rothwell PS)

11. Vote of thanks to Lecturers and Judges John Kellett

Judges and Lecturers have gone from zooming up and down motorways to zooming into our

homes via a computer, the work of Judges and Lecturers has continued to support our Camera

Clubs. A vote of thanks was given by John Kellett. (Vale of Evesham CC)

12. Any other Business

The future of Camera Clubs

Most of the clubs represented at the meeting told the meeting of the next steps after lockdown

restrictions, many clubs will be continuing on the Zoom platform until Christmas and then

hopefully will continue with face to face meetings or will organise Hybrid meetings.

Congratulations must go to Roger Parry who since the last meeting in February has been

elected to PAGB President, Ian Bailey thanked him for the tireless work that he does for the


13.Dates for future meetings.

Saturday 18th September 2021 General Meeting

14. Proposed date for next AGM

11th June 2022

15. Open Forum:


The meeting closed at 3.28pm

Attendees from Council:

Ian Bailey, Roger Barker, Steve Clifford, Lucia Duckett, Alison Fryer, Andy Fryer, Alan

Lovatt, Christine Lovatt, Mike Sharples, Judith Parry, Roger Parry, Alastair Taylor, Graham


Delegates and Visitors:

Jon Baker Received onto the Roll of Honour

Dave Tucker Cannock PS

Angie Tucker Cannock PS

Len & Carole Doughty Wolverhampton PS

Stewart Stevens Dudley CC

David Bray Dunchurch PS

Keith Roberts Leamington Spa PS

Robert Oakley Worcestershire CC

Nasar Hussain South Birmingham PS

Derek & Rosemary Buckett Desborough & Rothwell


Steve & Linda Johnson Aston & Erdington

Michael Robertson-Smith Stratford PG

Mary Jenkins Yardley PS

Susan Pearmain Shirley PS

Dennis Bowden Kettering & District PS

John Haines Great Barr PS

John Kellett Vale of Evesham CC

Carolyn Wetton Burton PS

Tony Capper Newcastle CC

Martin Turner Vale of Evesham CC

Midland Counties Photographic Federation

Citation-Jon Baker

Jon Baker, MFIAP, EFIAP/p

The MCPF wish to recognise all the work Jon has done in promoting photography as a

judge, lecturer and his involvement with both Wrekin arts international exhibition and the

Midland Salon, by adding him to their “Roll of Honour”.

Jon started judging in the Autumn of 1988 and during the years that followed he has judged

at club, Federation, National and International level. He was also a listed PAGB judge as

well as being an MCPF main list judge. As a member of Wrekin Arts, he also chaired the

Wrekin Salon and produced the AVs of the accepted and award-winning entries. This lead to

him producing the AVs for the Midland Salon, for which the MCPF was very grateful.

In addition to his judging commitments Jon began lecturing to clubs in 1991 and was joined

in the mid 90’s by his wife Sue in their very enjoyable presentations ‘Four Feet from Telford’

Midland Counties Photographic Federation

Citation-Ian Bailey


It was a sad day when you told us that you would be retiring from the MCPF Council. You

have given so much to the Federation not only in the capacity of Hon. Treasurer but also as

President of the Federation, a judge and support for all our other events. Over the 17 years,

you have been serving on the Council it is not only your ability to add up and subtract and

more importantly to pay our expenses on time. But that you can keep calm in a crisis, you are

not afraid to ask the hard question and to keep digging until you find the answer to someone’s


By drawing on your own experiences with clubs, the Federation, the PAGB and with the RPS

plus your personal working life you have become of one of the Federation’s greatest assets.

You are one of the first people we turn to if we need advice, someone to bounce ideas off, a

sounding board or to simply point out the obvious to us.

It is not only the Federation that relies on your knowledge and advice but many clubs will

miss your guidance and help with their PLI and subscriptions.

As a past President, you are entitled to still attend meetings and receive the minutes for as

long as you wish, but we feel that would not give you the recognition that you truly deserve,

so we are hoping that you will accept the role of becoming an Honourary Vice President of

the Midland Counties Photographic Federation.

Lick to open the Expenditure 2020 Sheets (5)


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