Getting up to date.

A few notices. As long as Covid restrictions are relaxed, it has been decided to start the groups Photowalks again. The first walk is to take place this week.

Thursday April 1 (not a joke)

Bantock Park at 11am

We decided to use Bantock again as it gives us plenty of space to be in groups no larger than 6. Please wear a mask at all times apart from having a drink or food.

Christmas meal.

Lindon House has been booked by Ian for Friday 17th December 2021. Hopefully we will be able to meet together by then.

Midphot 2021.

30 Days of Photoshop

As promised here are the details of the Photoshop Course.

One lesson per day but all of the previous lessons are available. I haven’t timed all the classes but I think they are about half an hour long. I have watched the presenter Aaron Nace for several years and find his style quite refreshing, if slightly strange at times. I have never had a problem with excessive emails or pushy sales technique.


Don’t sign up click on FREE in the top line.

Scroll down to Free Tutorials on the left hand side, then down to “30 days of Photoshop.

Start with 01 “Welcome to 30 days of Photoshop”. When he says Sign Up and points up don’t. If you scroll down there is a Sign Up free box. Put your email address in and this ensures you get any extras available.

Further down you can just click on a blue link for Day 1. Under each video is a link to download the images he uses and the course details and Calendar.

Any problems give me a yell and I will see if it can be sorted.

Have fun and keep safe.