Zoom Meetings and Photo Walk Changes.

Tomorrow’s (7/12/2020) Zoom meeting will be a Committee meeting in preparation for Wednesday’s Interim AGM. This will be an open meeting, so if you want to log in that will be fine.

On Wednesday (9/12/2020) we will hold an Interim AGM to hold us over until we are in the position to hold an actual AGM. Please try to attend on Wednesday.

On Thursday Jon is planning a Photo walk in Wolverhampton and the Mander Centre. The object of this walk is to photograph the Christmas decorations. After discussion, it has been decided that the group will meet outside Caffe Nero at the Queen Square end of Darlington Street (Beaties) at 2pm. Jon is discussing this with the Mander Centre management and will confirm later. At the moment the only condition is that there will be no tripods allowed, the normal Covid precautions will be observed.


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