Just a quick note about our meetings.

Jon is arranging a Zoom meeting at 11 o’clock in the morning every Wednesday.

Paul will send out an email with contact details. You will not necessarily get one each week. Until further notice the Meeting ID and Password will be the same for each meeting. It might be an idea to download and install Zoom, which might give you more options.

I am really looking forward to SEEING people rather than just hearing or reading.

Our private Facebook page is doing very well but it would be nice to have some more members. The name of the group is Compton G Camera Club which can be found by searching on Facebook. To publish or make comments you have to be a member and you have to request to join. At the moment I am visiting our page two or three times a day, so admission should be reasonably quick. Each week I am setting a subject on which members are invited to post their images. So far we I am, in the modern saying, blown away by the creativity and ability of our membership. I have seen some quite outstanding photos.


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