Our clubs future.

To all members of Compton G Camera Club.

Dear members, I hope you are all keeping safe and well in these troubled times. Initially, we notified you all, saying that we would suspend our weekly meetings until after the Easter Holidays.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances not improving, the committee and I have decided to not restart meetings until September.

Currently, we are still listening to statistics, to figures on those who have Covid19, how many have died, and how many may die. We have also been given a course of action to take, to stay at home, to protect one another to protect the NHS. This can be all very depressing and a challenge and we will get frustrated, and at times, fed up, but we must stay the course.

However, we can stay in touch through our Facebook group and I have started phoning individual members to ask if they are OK.

I have also looked into using a program called Zoom, whereby a group of people can engage in a joint discussion online and can also see each other. I have used this three times, and have found it to be very successful, (2 quizzes with friends and a mentoring session with Krisztina from Olympus Cameras). I would appreciate your opinions on this, as we could set it up quite quickly.

Best wishes and take good care of yourselves.

Jon George


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