Message to our club.

Dear Club & Society Secretaries,
I trust you are all keeping safe and well.
I know that following the Government’s announcement last week all clubs and societies have suspended their meeting, however, I wish to keep you updated with various events and activities organised by the MCPF Council
1) The Print & PDI Championships, has been cancelled, however, Ian Bailey is currently looking at alternatives for selecting the Clubs to represent the MCPF. Currently the PAGB are still progressing with the event at Warwick in July.
2) The Council meeting scheduled for Saturday 16th May has been cancelled.
3) The AGM scheduled for Saturday 13th June will be deferred until Saturday 19th September, subject to movement restriction being lifted by the Government, this will be take place in lieu of the General Meeting.
As this AGM falls in the mid-term of my Presidency and appointment of all other Officers, there is no election requiring a vote from Delegates.
4) Photofolio Exhibition is cancelled for this year. The travelling Portfolio that is drawn from the exhibition will now come from Midphot, Lu Duckett is currently developing this should be available from the start of the new season in September.
5) Midland Salon Exhibition will be run as a digital only exhibition for this year. For those that enter this exhibition please refer to the Exhibition web site.
Wishing you all the best.
Kind Regards,
Andy Fryer
MCPF President


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