Program Change 1/2/2020

We have had to change our program for 2020.

  1.    February 19th is now the MCPF Portfolio.
  2.    Ned Williams has moved to March 25th.
  3.    The Workshop on February 14th has been moved until the 21st.

To try to keep up with the times, we have created a closed Facebook group for Compton G. To be able to post or comment to this group you have to apply and be accepted. We hope that members will join and post their pictures.

A few suggestions.
1. Don’t post large numbers of pictures at a time. Instead of a large block of pictures, which most people would give up after a few. Post a couple every few days or even once a week.
2. Add your name, when and where the picture was taken.
3. If your able to do add the exif data. Camera, lens length, speed, and aperture.

A request for photographs.

You may have noticed that the site has a new page “Workshop Pictures” the idea for this page is to showcase photographs taken at any of our workshops.  I also need to refresh our gallery of member’s photos. We are getting short of “Title” images, I want to change this image every month during our season. These images need to be in letter-box format (1000 x 300). I am able to crop images but some images, if they’re not that size would be very difficult to fit.

All other images can be any size but I might have to reduce them in size so they load quickly on our site. If members would email me photos taken at any of our workshops. I would be very grateful.

John Pierce



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