Express and Star

Well we made the Express & Star, in an article by Jessica Labhart we are described as a “From high octane action to serene scenes, top snaps have it all. Club is a picture of health after 42 years”.

The article can be found on page 61 on Saturday 1st April. No this is not a joke!

Pictures from Jane, Jon and myself are featured and quotes from: Geoff, Jane, Jon and Mike.

Thanks to all members who helped bring about this excellent piece of advertising.

On a different subject, if you haven’t given Jon your picture for the Wild Byte Café exhibition, then please bring them in on Wednesday. Please mount and tape a hanger to the back. It would help if the picture had a name, title and a price if you want to sell. Either on a strip across the bottom right corner or Blue Tac a label under the image. Put your name on the back.



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