We are back.

I have at last been able to get back into the admin part of the site. For the last, what feels like years, I have been unable to change anything. So first of all our profound appologies, mine in particular.

Plans are in progress for our Summer meetings, it is hoped that at least a draft plan for the 2015-6 season will be presented at the AGM on the 29th.

At the moment we have most of the details of our first trip on June 3rd to Liverpool. To ease finances please bring £10 for each member or close relative, £15 for non members. Place the money in a sealed envelope with the name or names on the front and give it to Gerry on the 22nd.

Remember that our Club exhibition is at the Institute on Saturday and Sunday 4th and 5th July. Volunteers are needed for set up on Friday pm, manning the exhibition and taking down. The times of the ehibition are 10am to 4pm. Gerry needs our prints, these prints need to be mounted (do ask if this is a problem for you) with information on the back. Size does not matter too much but A4 on the longest edge would be ideal. This is a great opportunity for us to present our club and ourselves into the view of the community.


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