Detail of the visit July 2nd.

TSR Cosford by Geoff Vaughan

TSR Cosford by Geoff Vaughan

Dear Member,

Just a reminder that we are having a day out to this excellent museum on the above date. Simply make your way along the A41 and turn left at the traffic lights in Cosford, and follow the signs. There is a charge for car parking, but entry to the museum is free and photography is permitted. We shall meet from 10.00 am in the cafe of the visitor centre, where there are refreshments, toilets, etc., then fan out into the three blocks of the museum. There is a large shop area in the new Cold War building which sells books and other souvenirs. For those members who are not thrilled by the thought of looking at lots of old airplanes, there is a lot of other material about the Cold War and about the more human aspects of the RAF. A Site Plan is attached to this email.

We are lucky to have this museum on our doorstep, and it is well worth a visit. If anyone has a problem about getting to Cosford, let me know and we will try to arrange a lift for you.

Kind Regards,

Alan Parkin.


More details on the Next Meeting page.

Summer Program

Well we had a great time at Tatton Park. The weather did us proud, while members still in the Wolverhampton area had rain we managed nearly all of the day with only an odd spot.

Most, if not all of us were so glad that we were not driving. The return journey was not nice. Personally I slept through most of it.

Further details of the Cosford visit will be published asap.

Members I trust are taking exceptional photos, remember it is our year for an exhibition and we need new pictures to show off our skills.