Next meeting

The next meeting will be the last of the 2013/2014 season.On the 30th of April we finish the season with our A.G.M.

Please remember that the money is due for our trip in June to Tatton Park, Cost is £20.40 if you are a National Trust member and £26.40 if you are not.

Panoramic_view_of_The_Mansion_from_the_Italian_Gardens The_Italian_Terrace_by_Joe_Wainwright

Next Meeting

A talk by Jon George investigating the development of the visual image in both art
and photography. Delving into the beginnings of the use of perspective,
using different viewpoints to enhance the visual impact of the image and
the development of cubism and its connection with sculpture. This will include
the photographic attempts at cubism from the early 20th century.  Some
equipment will be available for use during the coffee break.

PLEASE BRING A CAMERA AND A WIDE ANGLE LENS (or zoom with wide angle capability}

Camera obscura-italy (1)

Flash Photography

Our next meeting will be a workshop on flash photography run by Geof Vaughan. Please bring your camera, instruction book and flash (if you have a seperate flash unit). A tripod could be useful and some might like to bring something suitable to photograph.

The first half of the program will go into the theory and use of flash. The second half will be a practical session. This is where you will split into pairs or small groups to experiment and hone your photographic skills using flash.